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Texture Skins

This website sells concrete texture skins designed for stamped concrete and decorative concrete suitable for home owners, hobbyists and professionals for smaller projects. These texture mats are big enough to stamp concrete for any size job around the house while small enough to be affordable.

stamping concrete concrete-texture

Stamping Concrete

Normally concrete stamps and texture skins are very large and extremely expensive however the texture skins for sale on this website are small and affordable and made for use around the home or small contracting projects. Concrete stamps can be used carefully to add concrete textures over small or even large areas so these small texture mats are perfect for every home to have.

The textures and skins that are sold here were developed for adding textures for concrete in building fake rocks. Other commercially available texture skins are too big and bulky for detailed decorative concrete applications like making artificial rocks and rock waterfalls so we developed this product in house to meet our contracting needs. Due to interest and demand for these smaller concrete texturing skins you can now buy them from us on this website.

Concrete Stamps

Our concrete stamps are made in house, not resold or purchased overseas, to ensure maximum quality control with our texture skins. We use a two part liquid rubber molding process which produces exact texture replicas while being extremely flexible yet durable enough to last for years of daily use! The best advantage of these unique concrete texture skins is that they are small and affordable unlike other texture mats which are huge and cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Concrete Stamp Patterns

Our collection of concrete stamp patterns is growing and we are always interested to hear from you if there is a pattern that you need. We specialize currently with asymmetrical stamp patterns as commonly used for recreating natural looks and textures.

We do not sell symmetrical concrete stamps and repeating patterns as our entire decorative concrete business revolves around recreating natural landscapes in urban settings. You can learn how to make artificial rocks here or view our swimming pool, spa & artificial rock contracting or buy any of the the following texture skins for sale:

granite texture
A granite texture skin is the fundamental concrete texture that every person should have. If you only have one it should be this one.

crack texture
A mold of a granite fault this crack texture skin is a perfect match for the regular granite texture for building waterfalls, landscaping rocks, floors, patios, walkways and much more.

slate texture
A slate texture skin is very versatile concrete texture and is appreciated for creating rock like textures that are smoother than the granite.